23 May 2008


i'm trying to revive this blog. i don't want to make promises because i might not be able to keep them. but im really trying to make this blog come alive again.

for those who don't know, im back in the crazy world of pr/advertising agencies. i know that i told some of my friends that i don't want to work for one anymore after i got married. but this was the opportunity that came along so i grabbed it.

work has been... stressful to say the least. there's a lot of pressure but im coping...for now. hahaha. enough of the shop talk.

as an update, been married for 6 months and 6 days now. married life is a blast!!!! i love it!!! i enjoy doing stuff with edward. i enjoy cooking and taking care of him. i love it! love it! :D

this entry doesn't make any sense. so i will stop babbling already. ciao!

17 December 2007

almost dead...

...my blog that is. a lot of exciting things have been happening in my life the past one or two months i wasn't blogging. i promise to tell you stories (lots of it!) after the holiday rush. and i promise to update this blog by then.

2007 proved to be a roller coaster ride. my 2008 will probably be tamer but still fun. 2008 will be a new beginning for me in almost all aspects of my life. so see you till my next blog entry.

but for now, let me be the first to greet: MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! spread the love & joy! mwah! :D

31 October 2007

i'm just saying...

my random thoughts on the different issues the past few weeks

there is no contention that breast milk is the best for babies. but at the end of the day, it will boil to the mother’s preference. it’s her personal choice if she wants to breastfeed or not. no matter how much information you bombard her with (benefits of breastfeeding), she will decide whether to do it or not.

my prayers go out to the victims and their families of the recent glorietta 2 blast. their stories are all so familiar because i know that area by heart. that’s where i pass everyday just to get to mrt ayala station. if it happened early evening, i could have been one of the victims. again, my prayers go out to them.

(caution: local showbiz) if they claim that lolit solis has no credibility why go all out in defending themselves? if it ain’t true, then it ain’t true. you could have just issued one statement, shut up and moved on. then the issue could have died a natural death. face it like a man and don’t whine like a girl.

the president is doing her best to put her dirt under the rug. she pardons erap so people will not talk about and, hopefully, forget the zte-nbn deal, the P500,000 handouts, among other things. i wonder when she can keep it up. and i wonder how long people can bear with it.

it's halloween. it's time to scare yourselves of whatever ghost stories/experiences you may have or claim to have. happy halloween! enjoy the long weekend ahead! :D

17 October 2007

last 30 days of singlehood

this website emailed today and reminded me that it's only a month left to my wedding day. how time really flies. it seems like it was only yesterday when edward and i decided to tie the knot and spend the rest of our lives togehter. it seems like it was only yesterday when we attended a wedding fair and got a really good deal on our wedding rings. it seems like it was only yesterday when we told our families and got mixed reactions about it... it just really seems like yesterday.

we encountered some setbacks and a lot of heartaches. but we are moving forward because we have each other and we have a very faithful God. di ba God is good? yes, God is good!!! we have witnessed that a lot of times especially in the last few months. we are almost near the finish line but we still need to prepare ourselves for more things to come our way.

it's the last 30 days of my singlehood, so im calling all my friends. let's spend some time before i get hitched. i'm open to lunch, dinner, coffee, isaw, movie or whatever. you guys know how to reach and find me. see you all soon! :D

17 September 2007

happy & goofy together for 5 years

happy anniversary baby! it's been 5 freakin' years!!! and many, many more to come. thank you for everything. looking forward to growing old with you. two months na lang! yehey! :D mahal na mahal kita! mwah!

12 September 2007

tough cookie

sometimes when you're wounded and beaten up real hard, you have to be tough. even tougher so as not to show any emotion or hurt. crying is not an option. you have to make the enemy believe that you are not affected even if deep inside you want weep your heart out.

30 August 2007

*sigh* with puppy eyes

i saw crush at eastwood last night. yes, the crush i have devoted a few blog entries to. i was ecstatic to finally see him in the flesh. to my excitement, i tugged edward's shirt (with matching maraming hampas sa balikat) while saying the name of crush. the entire starbucks store probably heard me too. but i didnt care because i was too giddy and busy staring at crush as he passed by. edward even suggested that we follow crush so i could have my picture taken with him. i said no because i got so shy at the idea. it's one of the rare times i get shy. hahaha. he looked really cute and charming.

seeing him was like taking uppers last night. i was way too hyper, kulit and talkative. i was so happy of the thought of just seeing him there. i even had trouble sleeping. it's fun to have a crush and the feeling it gives you (knots in your stomach & all). and the best part of it is, i can tell my (soon-to-be) husband all about it. :D

i'm looking forward to the next time i see crush. and i hope that i won't be that shy anymore. ;)